Best Whole House HumidifierIs your existing humidifier giving you a headache over its incapability to take care of your family? Most of the time, an ineffective whole house humidifier could lead to dry throats, skin, and lots of allergic reactions.

As a result, aggravation of respiratory issues ensue such as flu and colds which could have otherwise been prevented.

You should not delay in choosing a new and more effectual humidifier. To help narrow down your choices, check out the following.

Top 10 Whole House Humidifiers for 2017

ImageModel NamePriceReviewsAvailability
HONEYWELL® QUIETCARE™ HCM-6009 HUMIDIFIERHoneywell® QuietCare™ HCM-6009$4 star
APRILAIRE® 700 WHOLE-HOUSE HUMIDIFIERAprilaire® 700$$4.5 star
APRILAIRE® 600 BYPASS, 24V WITH DIGITAL CONTROLAprilaire® 600 Bypass$$4.5 star

Essick Air® AIRCARE® MA1201 Whole-House Console-Style Evaporative Humidifier

The whole house humidifier is known for its console style, which could balance the humidity level in your house up to 3,600 square feet, providing that much-needed comfort for you and your loved ones.

In addition, the humidistat feature of the product, which is in digital mode, could automatically sustain your desired balance of moisture in your place alongside the assurance of accuracy.

It automatically shuts off when the unit becomes empty or your desired moisture rate is reached. Many considered the humidifier a must-have since it is very easy to clean and manageable to operate.

Essick Air® AIRCARE® MA1201 Whole-House Console-Style Evaporative HumidifierFeatures

  • Prevents flu and allergies
  • Reduces dust and dander for your pets
  • Keeps your family from sore throat and dry skin
  • Protects wood floors and fine furniture
  • Saves 10 percent on your electricity bill
  • Extended runtime of up to 36 hours


  • Evaporative Humidifier.

According to a study on humidifiers conducted by Environmental Protection Agency and Consumer Product Safety, which was featured on Consumer Reports web portal, evaporative models do not emit airborne bacteria.

  • Saving Costs

The appliance is helpful if you want to save money, specifically on energy costs. Since the humidity level is maintained all day, you could always settle on low thermostat settings.

  • Sleek Design

The easy single bottle design of the humidifier would enable you to put it anywhere in your house. The AIRCARE humidifier will surely complement any décor.


  • Loud Even on Low Setting.

It was reported that the product is too loud even at the lowest setting, making it not suitable for bedtime use.

Honeywell® QuietCare™ HCM-6009 Humidifier

The humidifier is designed with an adjustable control and multiple output settings, perfect for multiple rooms. It features the QuietCare technology, which guarantees the humidifier is 30 percent quieter than its rivals.

Honeywell made this model with automatic shut-off attribute, which is ideal if you want to save energy every time you reach the desired humidity level.

Moreover, the humidifier has dual tanks that are portable and designed for easy filling. As claimed, the product utilizes less power compared to an 80-watt light bulb.

Honeywell® QuietCare™ HCM-6009 HumidifierFeatures

  • High output design
  • Adjustable humidity controls
  • Runs up to a day after filling
  • Counteracts effects of harsh winter season by giving relief from cough and congestion
  • Keeps plants healthy
  • Protects furnishings at home


  • Dual Tanks

This pair of tanks would provide you easier way of filling up the humidifier. It enables you to refill one tank without necessarily shutting down the machine since there is still one container left in it.

  • Evaporative Technology

The humidifier utilizes a natural wicking procedure to bring back moisture to dry room air.

  • Quiet Performance

The appliance is made with QuietCare technology, which generates fresh and clean moisture without disturbing your comfortable night time.


  • Poor Tank Design

Many have complained how difficult it is to refill the tanks without spilling water everywhere, and some even broke their containers.

Essick Air® AIRCARE EP9 800 Digital Pedestal-Style Evaporative Humidifier

The evaporative humidifier is designed for a double-purpose duty, adding extra moisture into your indoor air and complementing your interior perfectly. The mist humidifier could cover up to 2,400 square feet and has a tank that could contain 3.5 gallons.

The appliance is set to generate as much as 7.4 gallons of fresh and clean air. Moreover, Essick Air chose to create a front pour-in design for the humidifier alongside the evaporative wick, which could retain minerals for more natural moisture.

Essick Air® AIRCARE EP9 800 Digital Pedestal-Style Evaporative HumidifierFeatures

  • Pedestal-style humidifier
  • Automatically maintains humidity levels with digital accuracy
  • Automatic shut-off feature
  • Digital readout displays for better maintenance
  • Nine fan speeds for improved performance level
  • Saves up to 10 percent on your electricity bill


  • Decorative Customization

You could select from three finish options, which would add decorative accent to your home. Your choices are espresso, nutmeg, and black.

  • Refilling Reminder

You would be informed if you need to refill the tank with water, giving you continuous supply of moisture.

  • Evaporative Wick

The material is helpful in keeping minerals that sustain moisture’s natural and clean condition. According to Mayo Clinic, increased clean humidity is helpful in easing breathing problems, allergies, and even asthma.


  • Poor Customer Service

Some negative reviews of the product revealed that the company will not help if you report a defective product.

Aprilaire® 700 Whole-House Humidifier

The product is simply one of the highly rated models under the brand, which is claimed to provide big humidification performance. The humidifier has a large capacity of 0.75 gallons per hour, one of the highest you could find among all appliances of the same kind.

Due to the product’s power, it could cover up to 4,200 square feet of areas. The humidifier works by having a built-in fan that collects heater air directly from the heating system.

Aprilaire® 700 Whole-House HumidifierFeatures

  • Simple maintenance every year
  • Quiet performance
  • Optimum levels of humidity control
  • Relative humidity and service temperature indicators
  • Dry humidification cycles for prevention of mold growth
  • Maintenance of indoor relative humidity of 35 percent


  • Protection From Microbial Growth

The humidifier makes use of dry humidification cycles, which means the water delivered to it either goes directly to the drain or evaporated.

  • Relative Humidity Maintenance

According to, people tend to be most comfortable at around 45 percent of moisture. Relatively, the product would shut down or will not work if your house already has this humidity level.

  • Five-Year Warranty

You would obtain up to five-year warranty on parts of the humidifier at the date of installation by a licensed HVAC professional.


  • Requires a Professional

You need an installation professional to make the product work, which is an extra expense.

Holmes Smart Wi-Fi-Enabled WeMo Whole-Home Humidifier HCM3888C

The humidifier is a state-of-the-art product that has WiFi connectivity feature, enabling you to control and manage your indoor environment using your smartphone.

The product is connected to the WeMo app, which could allow you to check the moisture level of your humidifier. You may also set notifications whenever you need to change the filter or the water has to filled up since the unit is about to be empty.

Many consider the product an answer to a hectic schedule since it helps you take care of your home wherever your area is. Check out some of the cool features below.

Holmes Smart Wi-Fi-Enabled WeMo Whole-Home Humidifier HCM3888CFeatures

  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to control humidity level
  • Programmable moisture generation at home
  • Direct orders of filters via WeMo app
  • Features Arm & Hammer Baking Soda filter for better removal of odors and impurities
  • Has easy filling dual tanks


  • Pure Cool Mist Evaporative Technology

The water gets filtered more effectively using the unit, resulting to cleaner and fresher moisture. It also delivers maximum humidity level at comfortable rate.

  • IFTTT Compatible

You may use the WeMo app alongside IFTTT to make your home environment compliant to changes in the weather. This gives you more power to create your own mix of settings.

  • Mobile Friendly

A study on Exploring Smartphone-Based Web User Interfaces for Appliances showed that mobile applications have the potential to improve user experience in using appliances.


  • Leaks

Some negative reviews reported that the humidifier still leaks, causing damage to consumers’ flooring.

Lasko® 1128 Evaporative Recirculating Humidifier

The humidifier is designed with three speed controls, which could cover up to 3,200 square feet of area. The unit ensures your family with invisible, cool, and clean moisture minus the extra humidification and dust.

The reservoir of the appliance could hold as much as 4.5 gallons, and this container is removable for easy filling. Besides, the unit is powered with indicators light and adjustable humidistat. Furthermore, the appliance is ETL listed, proving its safety for use.

Lasko® 1128 Evaporative Recirculating HumidifierFeatures

  • Three speeds evaporative recirculating humidifier
  • Easy to fill water tank
  • On and off indicator lights
  • Has patented fused safety plug
  • Evaporative filter pad included
  • Has castors for mobility


  • Ideal for multiple rooms

It has a high performance proven by its generation of up to nine gallons every day.

  • Portable

According to a published study on, among the criteria of consumers in selecting small portable products are ergonomic functions, reduced size, and lighter weight.

  • Approved for Safety

ETL listing proves that the product has undergone several tests and met applicable published standards for safety.


  • Larger Than Expected

Many have complained how the appliance takes much space in their homes.

Aprilaire® 600 Bypass, 24V with Digital Control

The product is another model under the brand and is one of the best performing bypass models with a large capacity. It has fewer parts to install since it has a built-in bypass damper.

Furthermore, compared to its rivals, it generates as much as 50 percent more moisture and has an evaporation capacity of 0.70 gallons per hour. The unit could effectively work even in homes having as much as 4,000 square feet area.

Aprilaire® 600 Bypass, 24V with Digital ControlFeatures

  • Automatic Digital Humidifier Control
  • Provides optimum level of humidity control
  • Has vital indicators for relative humidity and service temperature
  • Quiet performance
  • Simple yearly maintenance
  • Protection from dry air health effects


  • Mold Control. The humidifier is designed to protect your home from mold since it accurately controls the humidity level.

According to Environmental Protection Agency of United States, the best way to control the development of the problem is through maintaining proper moisture level.

  • No Adverse Effects

The unit is designed to create a gas-form of humidity, which means it will not put water droplets into the air stream.

  • Automatic Operation

You simply need to install the automatic digital control of the unit to program it for operation.


  • Poor Design

The unit is made out of thin plastic. Moreover, the reviews claimed that there is no tray for water drain causing wastage.

Honeywell HE360A Whole House Powered Humidifier

The humidifier is known for its powered flow-through system that is very easy to install. It also features multiple stage systems that could work on up to 4,200 square feet of homes.

Furthermore, Honeywell made the model with easy mounting feature on return air duct or heated air supply. The structure of the unit makes it easier to clean and maintain.

Honeywell HE360A Whole House Powered HumidifierFeatures

  • Best for different speed settings
  • Easy draining
  • No bypass duct requirement
  • Optimizes water utilization and unit efficiency
  • Cleans microorganisms’ growth
  • One-year warranty.


  • PerfectFLO Distribution Pan

It prevents wastage of water since it has a tray installed for optimized effectiveness of the unit.

  • Pure Vapor Generation

It processes water as pure vapor, which would not create the same problems you would encounter with an electronic air cleaner.

  • Compatible With Hard Water Supply

It works even with hard water, but the pad has to be frequently changed due to potential minerals buildup.


  • Needs Contractor

You have to hire a contractor simply to install the moisture generator, which is far from its DIY setup claim.

Aprilaire® 800 Automatic Steam Humidifier with Digital Control

The humidifier is a standalone unit that could accommodate up to 6,200 square feet of homes. It provides most comfortable levels of humidity automatically with its Automatic Digital Humidifier Control.

With simple maintenance of replacing the canister, you could also already ensure proper generation of humidity in your place. Furthermore, it has a very quiet performance, guaranteeing a more comfortable sleep.

Aprilaire® 800 Automatic Steam Humidifier with Digital ControlFeatures

  • Runs independently of your HVAC system
  • Has various capacities based on electrical draw from 11.5 to 34.6 gallons every day
  • Protects from dry air
  • Complements non-forced air heating sources
  • Has outside sensor
  • Produces more steam than other models


  • Works for Various Water Types

The unit could process softened, soft, and even hard water.

  • Good Design

The structure and the arrangement of its components are improved for longer lifespan of the unit.

  • Possible Self-Installation

If you have a background in mechanical work and decent tools, it is doable to install the unit yourself.


  • Poor Customer Service

Many have reported that Aprilaire does not win much in gaining customer trust for they tend to pass the responsibility of answering complaints to the distributors.

Honeywell® HE120A Drum Humidifier

The product is another choice for a whole-house humidifier, which could sustain a comfortable and proper level of moisture in your place. It features a humidifier pad, which requires two-time replacement every heating but could distribute moisture evenly.

The model under Honeywell is known for its durability and easy installation, which makes for long-lasting product and hassle-free setup. Besides its great features, the product is also packaged with a year warranty.

Honeywell® HE120A Drum HumidifierFeatures

  • Quick installation and maintenance
  • Does not require drain
  • Easy-to-operate humidity control
  • Resists warping, rust, and corrosion
  • Snap-lock fittings and reversible components
  • Does not accumulate much water


  • Convenient Humidifier Pads

You could easily install the pads minus the hassle. It may be made of tight plastic mesh, but it improves air quality greatly.

  • Utmost Skin Protection

The unit helps a lot in protecting your family from dry skin, cough, and congestion every winter.

  • Installation Support

You would get every possible material for installing the unit easily without a need for contractor.


  • Mineral Accumulation

You may still need to clean up the unit every now and then for it does not fully put a halt on mineral buildup.

Buying Considerations

Before you jump into anything, you could easily evaluate and determine which of the aforementioned products to purchase by considering these factors:

  • Size. If you would distribute moisture in specific areas of your house, look for a unit that is small and mobile.
  • Mist Type. You should choose a cool mist humidifier for warm climates and warm mist humidifier for areas with colder weather.

You may understand more on the benefits of cool mist humidifier by watching this video:

  • Mineral Dust Dispersion. Avoid units that disperse mineral dust, which could be detrimental to your health.
  • Automatic Shutdown. You should find a humidifier that stops operating when the unit runs out of water, protecting you from fire hazard.
  • Filters. Cleaning and maintenance are easier with humidifier with filters that do not require frequent replacement.


From the given list and guideline, you would now find it easier to select a whole-house humidifier. Simply select from any of the products above by following the buying considerations to obtain a long-running humidifier minus the costs. In the end, you will never regret purchasing one, in fact, it is a worthy investment.