How to Enjoy the Best Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes with a Cold-Air Diffuser

essential oil diffuser recipesEssential oil diffuser recipes are more popular than ever today, and with the right diffuser and the best recipes at your disposal, you can easily bring a bit of refined contentment to your life.

Although there are a number of ways to get the right therapeutic-grade essential oil particles into the atmosphere, including heat-based, ultrasonic and nebulizing diffusers, experts still consider a good old-fashioned cold-air diffuser to be the best choice. But let’s take a look at precisely what you will need before tackling the best diffuser recipes.

What Do You Need Before Getting Started?

First of all, in order for your essential oil diffuser recipes to work, you will need a reliable essential oil diffuser. Cold air diffusers are quite affordable, and they have a good range, as long as you don’t try to use them for more than one room (in which case you’d need two or more diffusers). In order to use a cold-air device, you have to add a small amount of distilled water alongside your essential oils.

The next thing you will need is the set of essential oils you plan on adding to your diffuser. Essential oils come in all shapes and sizes, but the best kinds you can consider are the more expensive, pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils that have many additional health benefits, aside from just bringing a pleasant scent to your room.

7 Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes for Sound Body and Mind

As long as you have your essential oils, you can expect to add anything between 8 and 12 drops per session to your cold-air diffuser. This dosage will ensure you get the best quality scent and the most practical therapeutic benefits from your recipes.

The following are a few of the best diffuser recipes for anything from helping you improve your confidence, to stress relief and peace of mind. Experiment with them, and see which of the seven essential oil diffuser recipes works best for you specifically:

  1. Many stress relief blends are available, but one of the best recipes for reducing anxiety is mixing 4 drops of lavender, 2 of cedarwood, 2 of wild orange and 1 of ylang-ylang essential oil.
  2. Adding 1 drop rosemary, 1 of basil, 2 of lemon, 2 of grapefruit, 2of peppermint and 2 drops lavender oil can be a great recipe for increasing focus.
  3. Boost energy by adding 3 drops each of lavender, lime and mandarin oils.
  4. Happiness and a sense of well-being are just a few drops away with this recipe: 2 drops each of frankincense, wild orange, lime and peppermint oil.
  5. With therapeutic-grade oils you can also boost your immune system with this simple recipe: 2 drops each of peppermint, eucalyptus and lemon, and 1 drop each of lime, clove and rosemary oil.
  6. If you’re having trouble sleeping, just add 3 drops lavender, 2 drops marjoram and 1 drop each of roman chamomile and orange essential oil.
  7. Finally, this fresh air blend is for air purification: 4 drops of vetiver, 3 of lemon and 3 of peppermint oil.

Enjoy these refreshing and health-inducing essential oil diffuser recipes, and you’ll soon find the air in your car, bedroom or living room will help you breathe easily and enjoy life more.