What Is an Essential Oil Diffuser Kit and Why Should You Find the Best One?

Essential Oil Diffuser KitAnyone who’s been studying aromatherapy for a while has probably come across the term “essential oil diffuser kit”. These handy aromatherapy kits are often promoted by sellers to offer a complete set of essential oils for various purposes, together with a viable means of distributing them as efficiently as possible.

Most of the time an essential oil kit will include a diffuser, but this isn’t a rule. Some kits only come with the essential oils themselves, either providing single essential oil bottles or various blends specifically designed for problems such as anxiety, insomnia, or lack of energy or focus.

What Is an Essential Oil Diffuser Kit?

So what are essential oil diffuser kits? Simply put, these are complete kits containing a specially designed diffuser along with various essential oils. They can be electric, although that isn’t necessarily the norm. Most diffusers sold as part of a reliable kit can handle rooms of up to 80 square meters in size, and the kits also include up to 12 different types of essential oils or essential oil blends.

Starter kits are usually the most popular, since they are designed to be easy to use, even by those who are just starting out in aromatherapy. The prices aren’t too high in most cases, although depending on the construction, durability, and range of the diffuser, some products can be much more expensive than your common starter kit.

Buying a Kit With or Without the Diffuser

So which type of essential oil diffuser kit should you think about buying? While experts don’t normally recommend anything more complex than a starter kit if this is the first oil diffuser kit you’ve ever bought, even starter kits can differ from each other quite a bit.

The first thing you have to think about is how you’re going to use your essential oils. Will you be diffusing them into the air around your home, or buying them solely for topical application or inhaling?

The latter only requires a simple starter kit without a diffuser. The norm is that you’ll get a set of 10 or 12 different essential oils, all designed to be therapeutic-grade and of a high level of purity. Most kits will include both individual essential oils, such as peppermint, lavender, bergamot or frankincense, and special synergy blends for sleep, purification, anxiety relief and many other purposes.

If you need a reliable diffuser to go with your essential oil diffuser kit, the choices are much more vast and diverse. Diffusers can operate based on a number of different principles. Some use heat to evaporate the essential oil molecules into the atmosphere, others are cold-air diffusers, while the ones that are most often used in spas and professional aromatherapy are more expensive products using the Bernoulli’s Principle.

As you can see, there are plenty of good choices to look at, regardless of how you plan on using your essential oils. However, most experts agree that buying an essential oil diffuser kit is the most practical choice if you plan on using aromatherapy on a regular basis.