How to Choose the Best Essential Oil and How to Use It in Your Car Diffuser Kit

Whether you need to stay alert during long drives or you need to calm crying kids in the cabin, using a car diffuser kit and suitably chosen aromatherapy oils is a great and pleasant way to achieve the right state of mind and comfort.

What Is a Car Diffuser Kit?

Car Diffuser KitA car diffuser kit is a small device that consists of either a tiny bottle into which you put the oil of your choice or a diffuser pad that you can soak in your favorite oil, an electric part that generates heat to promote the diffusion of the oil in the bottle and an adapter to connect the unit to a power supply through the car’s cigarette lighter.You can find fan-type diffusers as well – you will have to put a few drops of oil on the cotton pad that comes with the unit, but the oil will not be evaporated via heating, but with the help of a tiny fan that revolves above the pad. The package of the diffusers that work with pads usually contain a few replacement pads, too, but kits usually do not include any oil, so be prepared to buy the essential oils to use in the car separately.

The Oils to Use in Your Car Diffuser Kit

The factors that you should take into consideration when choosing the oil for your car diffuser are practically the same as you should have in mind when you select the right essential oil for your home:

  • Purity –look for oil that does not contain any artificial or other additives such as synthetic fragrance or vegetal oil
  • Organic – make sure that the oil has been extracted from plants that have been grown using organic farming methods and is free from any trace of pesticides or other additives
  • Use a verified vendor – check the brand, the manufacturer and the vendor of the oil before buying the product
  • Price – never go for the cheapest option, high-quality essential oils require a lot of resources to make, therefore they cannot be cheap,
  • Avoid synthetic oils
  • Avoid pre-mixed blends – buy several types of oil and prepare your own blend instead.

The Effects to Expect of Your Oils

The essential oil that you use in your car will affect the mood and the well-being of everyone in the car – if the oil is chosen well, the effects will be positive, but some oils are better avoided in the small space inside the car. Let’s start with the oils recommended for being used in car diffusers:

– Peppermint, lemongrass, cinnamon, coffee, orange are all known to promote brain function without causing anxiety; they clean the air and have calming effects over upset stomachs, so they are perfect for being used in cars.

The following oils are more suitable for being used at home:

– Lavender, fresh grass, and chamomile are better avoided because they have calming effects might make you drowsy when dispersed by your car diffuser kit in the car cabin.