Car Air Freshener Diffuser – Available Types and How to Make the Best Choice

Car Air Freshener DiffuserA car air freshener diffuser is a small device with huge benefits – these little gadgets can be attached to the car’s cigarette lighter, to an USB outlet in the car or simply clipped onto the vent, hung from the mirror or placed in the cup holder and will diffuse the fragrance added to the diffuser’s bottle or pad, wrapping you into your favorite scent whenever you climb into your car, making your journeys, even the longest ones, similar to a soothing spa treatment.

Types of Car Air Freshener Diffuser Units

Car air freshener diffuser units nowadays come in various shapes, sizes and constructions – here are a few of the most widespread types:

  • Diffusers that work connected to a power supply – these units come with a small bottle or a pad to which you add the oil and an electric part that heats up or generates ultrasound to evaporate the essential oil. These units need to be plugged into the car’s cigarette lighter or to an USB outlet
  • Battery-operated diffusers – these units work by the same principle as the previous type, but use batteries to supply the current. They can be placed on any flat surface in the cabin, such as cup holders or a suitable place on the dashboard
  • Clip-on units – these devices evaporate the oil on cabin temperature, therefore they are not connected to a power source. They can attach to the cabin vents or to the margin of the vanity mirror
  • Tiny bottles filled with fragrance – these simple units can be hung from the rearview mirror by a cord or a chain. They release the fragrance slowly and gradually from inside the bottle
  • Simple pads – these very simple diffusers can also be attached to the vents or to a suitable place on the board and they work without a power source.

What to Use in Your Car Air Freshener Diffuser?

Many car air fresheners use bottles of fragrance or pads with fragrances added to them from the factory. These units do not allow you to refill the bottle or the pad with your own fragrance or essential oil, but you can still refill some of them using replacement bottles or pads provided by the manufacturers. There are other types of car freshener devices that come without any essential oil or fragrance added, allowing you to use your favorite product in the freshener.

Whichever of the two above types of car refreshers you choose, make sure you the substance that is evaporated is of the highest quality and of the highest purity to avoid irritation to the eyes, the throat or other adverse reactions to the additives that get into the air.If you choose a unit that comes with a fragrance, make sure you check the label for the ingredients of the fragrance. If you decide to use a car air freshener diffuser that allows you to add your own fragrance, choose essential oils of the highest quality from reputable vendors – they are not cheap, but the great health benefits and mood enhancing effects they deliver are worth every cent.