Best Car DiffuserFor most of the people who work on a 9 to 5 basis, you can’t help but spend most of your time driving from work to home.

And the ride isn’t always smooth…especially when you’re running late on deadlines.

Headaches aren’t avoidable; however, they are preventable. Release yourself from hell week with the best car diffuser!

ImageModel NamePriceReviewsAvailability
INNOGEAR 70ML USB ESSENTIAL OIL DIFFUSERInnoGear USB Essential Oil Diffuser$4 star
AROSPA ELECTRIC CAR/INDOOR ESSENTIAL OIL DIFFUSERArospa Electric Car/Indoor Essential Oil Diffuser$$4 star
ZAQ TOUR ESSENTIAL OIL LITEMIST AROMATHERAPY CAR DIFFUSERZAQ Tour Essential Oil Litemist Aromatherapy Car Diffuser$$4.5 star
CAR AROMA DIFFUSERS & COOL MIST CAR HUMIDIFIERS ALL IN ONECar Aroma Diffusers & Cool Mist Car Humidifiers All In One$4 star

InnoGear USB Car Essential Oil Diffuser

INNOGEAR-USB-CAR-ESSENTIAL-OIL-DIFFUSERI love InnoGear for coming up with this design – it’s cute and works fantastically well. For my Elantra, it fits perfectly. I received this as a gift, and I must say, it’s the best gift I’ve received this year.

The setup was easy. If my dog had thumbs, she could do it. The process is as simple as filling up the reservoir with water, adding some few drops of your favorite essential (please go for Lavender) and finally, plug it in.

At the top of this device, you’ll find two different buttons. This is a really neat location, you’re able to easily trace the switch anytime – even if it’s rush hour. These two buttons are for its power switch and lights.

Speaking of its lights, they’re a fun thing. Especially when you’re driving alone, it doesn’t get you bored. And don’t worry, it’s not distracting at all. Your life is spared! y daily routine includes going to the gym, and I have this gross habit of leaving my shoes at the back of the car – I’m bad at organizing my time, I always have to somewhere.

And because of unorganized schedule, I tend to leave my shoes in my car. The following morning…well, let’s just say that it doesn’t smell like roses. Fortunately, this solves the problem. It fully capitalizes on your chosen scent and makes your vehicle like it’s the Garden of Ever. I’ve tried other diffusers, but they just aren’t capable of beating the smell.

And yes, I don’t leave my shoes in the car anymore. I decided to invest on lockers. I’ve saved a lot of money on this, it only needs a number of drops. And its effect is long-lasting. In fact, I was able to spend more on supplements.


  • Easy Setup
  • Accessible Buttons
  • Adjustable Design
  • Excellent Build


  • Color of the cord doesn’t match the unit.

HOUSWEETY Car Air Freshener Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

HOUSWEETY Car Air Freshener Aromatherapy Essential Oil DiffuserWhen I first saw the design, it automatically caught my attention. I mean, who wouldn’t? Check out its intricate tree design. It looks amazing!

I decided to give this as a gift to my pickiest friend (she’s really after style) when I received her feedback – she loves it. She said that it’s fashionable and of great quality. Overall, it was a cost-effective buy.

You can tell at a glance that this is a high-grade diffuser. It has the ability to produce unique fragrance with the use of its personalized custom message. In other words, it has colorful refill pads which bring the best of aromatherapy.

Upon purchase, you’re able to choose the color of the pad you fancy the most – it might not affect its performance, but having to deal with an ugly color for long hours of driving is hell.  Here’s the fun part: Go grab the essential oil for your choice, and of course, its dropper. Put drops of the oil to the pad.

There’s no recommended amount of drops, you be the judge. Just don’t get too crazy and empty the entire bottle. Its construction is made out of high-quality stainless steel, so don’t worry about it fading. This is as non-deformable diffuser that’s made to make your car smell fantastic. And lastly, this is allergy free.


  • High-Quality Stainless Steel
  • Customizable Color Pad
  • Top-Grade Refill Pad
  • Ideal for Gift Giving


  • Need to add oils everyday.

InnoGear USB Essential Oil Diffuser

InnoGear 70ml USB Essential Oil DiffuserThis is a peculiar one – I’ve never seen anything in the market that’s similar to this one. Although I’m a fan of USB diffusers, they can suck.

Seriously, most of the diffusers I’m with are really WEAK. They struggle to make my car smell good. It’s either than or they’re fan-propelled, which I’m not a “fan”. Or they just lack on the features department.

But I’m happy to say that this thing releases me from experiencing those problems. It comes with 7 mood colors – because colors are life.

You’re given 2 mist settings, which I love InnoGear for. And lastly, it’s USB compatible. Because car. You can tell right away that it’s a well-structured diffuser. Even my friends wouldn’t believe the price I got this for.

Compared to most of the diffusers I’ve tried, this gives you an affordable price with more features than expensive diffusers. To change the 7 different color lights, you can easily do so by pressing the smaller button to the left. You can choose on the color you like the most.

The mark indicator is surprisingly clear, which is a rare sight especially for diffusers these days. It’s being printed outside. The ones I used to own are being imprinted from the inside of the device making it barely visible because of oil exposure from within the diffuser.

Let’s go to its right button function, by pressing it once, it lets you use the diffuser even without the light option. And it provides a continuous flow of mist as well. By pressing it the second time around, it leads you on to its interval setting. You’re basically given a 30 second interval for this one.

Also, don’t let its material construction fool you. It might be made out of plastic, but it’s top-grade of its kind. It won’t break down easily.


  • High-Quality Plastic Construction
  • Turns Off Automatically
  • Long USB Cord
  • Portability Advantage


  • Doesn’t fit into cup holder perfectly.

Arospa Electric Car/Indoor Essential Oil Diffuser

Arospa Electric Car/Indoor Essential Oil DiffuserHow weird and cool is its bottle shape design? I can call it weirdly cool, if there’s such a thing. But its design didn’t come without a reason, this fits perfectly into your cup holder, which solves the problem I have with InnoGear 70ml USB Essential Oil Diffuser.

This is built for two reasons – aromatherapy and humidifier. Just easily choose your favorite oil to do the job and you’re good to go. Uplifting your mood (even when you’re still in the car) has never been easier.

Okay, so this one doesn’t have complicated instructions. It’s quite simple. You’re able to set the mist level to your ideal control. The options is between low to high. Or if you want, there’s a 20 second interval for you to try out. This diffuser is so simple yet it’s able to change the way we see things.

It only uses two common ingredients to start its work – water and essential oil. With those two materials, mist is being produced. Its power to harness ultrasonic vibrations is amazing. Because of that, you’re able to bring this baby everywhere you go. It doesn’t need filters as well. If you’re after a quick and easy use, this one is your best candidate.


  • Unique Design
  • Fits Perfectly Into Cup Holder
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Long-lasting Build


  • Power plug is fragile.

ZAQ Tour Essential Oil Litemist Aromatherapy Car Diffuser

ZAQ Tour Essential Oil Litemist Aromatherapy Car DiffuserThis is probably one of the most awaited diffuser in the market…at least for the people who are tired of diffusers using pads in the 12 volt. Unlike those things, this one just actually uses real water to work.

It fits perfectly well into my cup holder, just like how Arospa’s diffuser does. I always appreciate companies who make it into the right size, making it look out of place deserves a star deduction.

When this is being turned on, it produces my favorite color. The blue LED makes it an awesome feature which adds on to the total impact – appearance is everything. Don’t get discourage on your first try of pressing it, it’s normal for it to produce low amount of productivity. The second time you press it, its production gets a lot better.

And to turn the device off, you may press the button for the third time. And since I’m lazy (well, most of the time) I appreciate how it synchronizes with your car.

For instance, it automatically turns of the moment your engine stops moving. And when it’s being turned on again, it goes along with it. I think it’s BRILLIANT!

Right under the button used for power, there’s another button made for intermittent diffusing. I’m pretty sure some of you would love to use this option more often as it lasts longer together with the water. Also, filling it in with the right amount of water is essential. This device approximately holds the capacity of 60mL. Perfect for driving, it doesn’t distract you with its sound. It’s quite silent so you’re able to keep your eyes and mind on the road.

The manufacturer made sure to keep this free from threats. Its components is BPA free. Overall, it’s healthy-friendly for anyone.


  • Whisper Quite
  • Perfect Size, Fits In Cup Holder
  • Synchronizes with Your Car
  • Compact Design


  • Only lasts for 4 hours.

Car Aroma Diffusers & Cool Mist Car Humidifiers All In One

Car Aroma Diffusers & Cool Mist Car Humidifiers All In OneThis gives you options on which color you’d like to get. To be more precise, they have 4 available colors. This is an awesome device if you’re after immediate relief while driving.

It means, you don’t need to take a trip to the spa after work as you’re already given the same feeling of being in spa while you’re on your way to the office.

I’m no rocket scientist, it usually takes me some time to figure out how things work. This is most applicable to people who are in their first try of investing on diffusers. Fortunately, this is really easy to use.

The makers have one thing in mind while making this: It being long lasting and user-friendly. It’s really is simple, filling it with water and a few drops is all you need. Of course, you have to close the lid and connect it your DC jack swivel. Make sure you’ve placed it in the right direction. Precisely, on where you want it to spray. Make it a habit to add in fragrance water, the aroma and its strength makes it a trip to heaven.

My experience with this device has been relaxing. You’re able to really utilize the aroma’s fragrance unlike most of the half-assed diffusers being sold in the market. Its refreshing and moisturizing abilities is pretty incredible.

It only takes a couple of hours for your skin and lip to be moisturized. And it makes your trip from home to work a pleasurable one – it’s an instant change.


  • Unique Design
  • Easy To Use
  • Delivers Results Within Hours
  • Long-lasting Diffuser


  • Needs a glass base.

Start The Change NOW!

What more you waiting for? Start purchasing the best of car diffusers on the market today. In my case, I’m always skeptic with these things. Who would believe you could uplift your mood with a simple switch of button?

But to my surprise, it works. I know you’ve been feeling down, and what avoids arguments at home with your family is how you cope up with the stress from going home.

Imagine: If you’re trip from home to work reminds you of flowers and butterflies, would you start an argument with anyone when you get home? Of course not.

Diffusers are now compact and portable making it a perfect partner to bring around the city. You can even use it for long trips to prevent nausea – I do that, I get easily dizzy.

Just make sure you chose the device which has the longest operating time. It’s completely useless if it’s only able to work for an hour or so. Also, the water capacity should be large as well. Or just enough to fit your needs.

Either way, adding a new member to the family doesn’t hurt – especially so when it’s only below 30 bucks. Read the reviews to ensure satisfaction. And of course, always try it out with Lavender!