Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace – A Piece of Jewelry that Emanates Healthy, Pleasant Fragrances

Aromatherapy Diffuser NecklaceEssential oil diffusers come in many different types, shapes, and sizes. You can choose a lamp that you plug into a power source in the corner of the room or connected to your car’s cigarette lighter. You can get portable devices powered by batteries or, if you want to enjoy the benefits of your favorite oil all the time, even while you are on the go, you can choose to wear your oil in an aromatherapy necklace. These necklaces fulfill a triple role: they are beautiful pieces of jewelry that add style and elegance to any outfit. They make the air around you smell great and they also let you enjoy the health benefits of your oil without requiring you to carry around a large disperser or look for a power source for your disperser.

How does an Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace work?

Aromatherapy necklaces give you the benefits of conventional essential oil diffusers and the self-confidence you experience when you wear a really beautiful piece of jewelry. Most of these necklaces have a pendant made from unglazed terracotta, wood. You add few drops of your favorite oil or they use tiny containers made from precious metals for a pendant. The material of or inside the pendant soaks in the oil, then the oil becomes heated by your body and starts evaporating slowly, allowing you to inhale the oil particles in order to benefit from the health and mood enhancing effects of the oil and emanating a pleasant fragrance that surrounds you wherever you go.

What Are Essential Oils and How Do They Work?

Essential oils are potent plant extracts made by processing various parts of plants or the entire plant. The oils extracted are complex, concentrated substances that are able to deliver the therapeutic effects of the plants they are made from in a much more potent way than by using the same plants in teas or tinctures.

While essential oils are frequently used to make cosmetics and drugs, the most common way of enjoying their benefits is by inhaling them. The oils start evaporating when they come into contact with air, the evaporation becoming more intense in the presence of a heat source – it can be anything from a tea light or a candle to your body heat, which is the heat source used in your diffuser necklace.

The Benefits of Wearing an Aromatherapy Necklace

These pieces of jewelry come with lots of benefits over other types of diffusers:

  • You can enjoy the fragrance and the positive health effects of your oil all day long
  • You only need to use a drop or two, so a bottle of oil will last longer
  • It is perfect for traveling, too
  • The pendant will release the oil slowly, so you can share the aroma with the people around you, but without being wrapped into a fragrance that is too strong.

Your aromatherapy diffuser necklace will help you create your own spa that is with you all the time, and it will also add class to your outfit. Get a necklace that suits your style and enjoy the pampering care all day long, wherever you go.