Aromatherapy Diffuser Benefits –Great Fragrance is Just One of Them

Aromatherapy Diffuser BenefitsAromatherapy diffusers are small and easy to use devices that disperse the pleasant-smelling vapors of essential oils in the space they are placed in, but the pleasant odor emanated is just one out of the many great aromatherapy diffuser benefits. Most essential oil dispersers work by using some sort of energy sources such as a tea light, electricity or a fan to induce diffusion and spread essential oil particles in the air or they work at room temperature, providing a less intensive dispersion. Some of the most modern dispersers use ultrasound or come in the form of temporized nebulizers to pump pulverized oil into the air.

Whatever the technology used by the device, all types of aromatherapy diffusers have great benefits besides making the air smell good – here are some of the most important ones.

Cleaner Air and Less Floating Dust

Most essential oils have antibacterial and anti-fungal effects, what’s more, the oils made from clove bud, oregano, thyme, and cinnamon contain potent natural antibiotics that kill the germs in the air and strengthen the immune system as well. One of the most important aromatherapy diffuser benefits is that these oil dispersers induce ionization in the air, which means that they emanate negative ions that attach to the positive ions in the composition of dust, making dust particles heavier and causing them to fall to the floor instead of floating in the air where they can be inhaled and cause respiratory problems.

Improved Sleep Relaxation and Better Mood

Day to day stress is not only harmful to our well-being during the day, but it affects our sleep as well. One of the most important aromatherapy diffuser benefits is that they can quickly disperse essential oils, thus spreading the calming effects of the oil chosen efficiently, filling the room with soothing, calmness-inducing fragrance almost instantly.Depending on the oil you use in the diffuser, you can also benefit from the mood-enhancing effects of essential oils as well. Use chamomile, rose, lavender, bergamot or ylang-ylang to induce a calming atmosphere and to ease the symptoms of depression and switch to lavender, jasmine or citrus if you need a mood lifter.

Aromatherapy Diffusers Double as Air Humidifiers

Essential oils are composed of aromatic particles and water, so when the oil is pulverized, the air in the room becomes more humidified. Humidity is one of the main factors that determine air quality –spending a lot of time in rooms with air that contains less than 30% humidity increases the risk of respiratory illnesses and it may cause irritation to the mucous membranes and skin dryness. Another one of the major aromatherapy diffuser benefits is that they keep air humidity in the room in the healthy 40-60% range while enjoying the great fragrance of the oil as well.

Safer and Healthier than Candles

Burning incense sticks or candles directly spreads not only the fragrance but also the by-products of the burning process into the air, diminishing the positive health effects and increasing the risk of irritation. One of the most important aromatherapy diffuser benefits is that the fragrance dispersed is pure, giving you the pleasant smell and the positive health effects without any hidden disadvantages